Tomoe Marguerite is a secondary character in the anime and manga Mai-Otome. She is the 2nd top Coral student in Windbloom and Chie Hallard's room attendant. Later on in the series, she becomes an antagonist. he also makes a cameo appearance in Mai-Otome Zwei. In the anime, she is voiced by Rie Tanaka in Japanese and by Tracy Sutton in English.


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Tomoe is one of the students who joned forces with Artai and became one of their Valkyries. She is the leader of the Valkyries.


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Tomoe was one of the students who answered Sergay's calls to become Artai's new Otomes, the Valkyries, Otomes that use a black gem similar to the ones the Schwarz cult members use to summon their Slaves. According to Miyu, they are known as the Obsidians of the Darkness, the accursed gems of the Valkyries.

Robe & ElementEdit

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The robes act similar to the Pillars of Garderobe, but their master is Lena, whom Schwarz was using to produce their own Otomes as the body of an Otome who has given birth is required to produce Gems
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and nanomachines

he Valkyries carry a Halberd as their primary weapon and can transform into fighters for speed and agility. In this mode, a team of Valkyries can perform a powerful attack known as the Dance of the Valhalla. As the name of their GEMs suggests, they are cursed as they cannot betray their master as Chie, Sergay's second-in-command, found out the hard way when she stopped for a bit..


When she was younger, Tomoe sneaked into Garderobe in order to get a glimpse of Shizuru, and evaded all the security before meeting Shizuru herself. Rather than turn her in, Shizuru took her outside, telling her that she had potential, and that she should apply to the academy one day.

Tomoe has attempted to bump Nina from her top spot and eliminate Arika through underhanded means. Although she usually disguises her malicious intentions with an image of perfection, her vulnerability shows when Shizuru (for whom she harbors romantic feelings) is concerned. Both Shizuru and Chie are aware of her dual nature.

With Miya Clochette as her accomplice, Tomoe spends most of the early series plotting against Arika, being responsible for stealing and selling her uniform, switching a bag of salt with a bag of sugar to sabotage her efforts to deal with the Gelle Anguille, tampering with her transponder bracelet, and even hiring a group of thugs to rape
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Arika and cause her to lose her Otome powers. Miya is caught and expelled, but Chie suspects that Tomoe was involved and warns her to stop her schemes. Tomoe tries to drop a vial of extremely powerful acid (used to dissolve GEMs) on Arika, but instead injures Erstin when she pushes Arika out of the way.

Tomoe later leads a group of Schwarz-controlled Otome, the Valkyries. In episode 21, she strikes a deal with the occupying Artai military force and brings a captured Shizuru under her auspices; quickly taking advantage of the situation and proceeding to realize a physical relationship with the older Otome. In a fight with Arika, she reveals that her attempts to kill Arika have been because Tomoe saw her as a possible rival to Shizuru's affections. There is a definite parallel between Shizuru in Mai-Hime and Tomoe: they both harbor possessive lesbian feelings and are both willing to kill based on them.

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During the final battle, she injures Chie, who was protecting Arika after she regained her freedom to act because of Shiho's "spiraling", and comments on how everyone seems to turn against her in the end, referencing her revelation that Shizuru was only using her and had no real feelings for the younger girl. She reveals that Nagi had planned to betray his allies, and is planning on killing the
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depowerede Otome when Midori arrives, knocking her away. She attempts to stop Arika as she heads to the Valkyrie core, but Arika defeats her and her robe shatters, causing her to fall seemingly to her death. However, it was revealed she survived; in a slightly comic moment, when Sakomizu was about to place her in a body bag (for the deceased), she suddenly stands up and begins screaming at him. However, she is still hurting from her fight with Arika and winces visibly in pain.

Mai-Otome ZweiEdit

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In the second episode of the OVA, the presidential candidate Ishigami (the art teacher from Mai-Hime) gives a lacklustre but emotive speech and introduces Tomoe as his girlfriend. Tomoe, however, quickly becomes exasperated by Ishigami's antics and kicks him forcefully off the platform, declaring herself candidate. Tomoe loses her temper at the crowd, who call her, among other things, a "traitor" and "witch". Noticing Arika, she tells the busjackers her true identity
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before she departs, leaving the bus hijacking incident up to current president Yukino Chrysant and her otome Haruka Armitage. It is also worth noting that the credibility of Ishigami's claim on the status of his relationship with Tomoe is dubious and inconclusive, given Tomoe's treatment of Ishigami as well as her sexual orientation as portrayed in Mai-Otome.

Mai-Otome MangaEdit

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Tomoe's role is greatly reduced in the manga, as she makes a few background appearances. She does not harbor a grudge against Arika, and appears neutral during the match between Arika and Erstin. Her evil side is mostly nonexistment. She doesn't appear to have a crush on Shizuru like she did in the anime.

Tomoe's relationship with Miya is widely different in the manga then in the anime. There was a time when she slapped her like in the anime, but only because she acted on her own, when she said to trust her and do as said. After which, Tomoe engages in sexual activity with her, right in front of Mashiro who was hiding behind a rock in an onsen they were staying. She was quick to apologize to Miya for earlier. It is implied to a yuri like relationship between the two.